Price: $43.50

Spread some cheer with the Nutty or Nice Christmas Bundle! Mix and match your favorite Beyond products to create the perfect cashew gift package for the holiday season. As always, our cashews are fairtrade, sustainably sourced and ethically produced, so you’ll enjoy your festivities guilt-free.

Pick Your Favorites

Customize your bundle with these delicious offerings:

Raw Cashews – Pure cashew goodness without anything extra. Useful as an ingredient or even as a quick and guiltless grab-and-go snack.

Roasted Salted Cashews – These salty, savory nuts are a snacker’s best friend! Enjoy them by themselves or as a delicious addition to any trail mix.

Snow-Dusted Chocolate Covered Cashews – These creamy, wholesome cashews coated with decadent chocolate will fulfill any dessert-lover’s wildest dreams. Is your mouth watering yet?

Honey Roasted Cashews – Few things compare to the sweet and salty fusion of these golden dessert nuts. Use them in a cake or salad or just grab a handful and lose yourself in the flavor.

Raw Cashew Butter – Think of this as peanut butter’s healthier but equally tasty cousin. Bring the creamy taste and nutrition of cashews to any dish you can think of.

Oven Roasted Cashew Butter – If you’re after a richer flavor in your nut butter, oven roasted is the way to go. Enjoy it on your crackers and toast or as a key ingredient in your baking.

Cashew Flour – This gluten-free flour serves all the roles of traditional white flour and then some! Receive the health benefits of cashews while still enjoying all your favorite baked goods and recipes.

No matter how you choose to craft your bundle, you’ll be fueling your Beyond this holiday season with the best cashews in the world.