Move Beyond

We exist strictly to produce the world’s best cashews through a fair trade, thriving, and sustainable farming community.

Most cashews travel approximately 10,000 miles and through the hands of oppressed laborers. Our cashews travel less than 100 miles from a happy farmer to his neighbor. This effort not only empowers local workers, but also eliminates the need to export nuts to factories with unimaginable working conditions. Beyond cashews are grown, handled, and processed all in one community, helping local economies thrive.

Crisis in Cashews

Appalling working conditions. Minimal pay. Exposure to toxic chemicals.
We're working to put an end to this tragedy.
While global demands for cashews soars, so do the injustices. In 2010, we dared to change the global cashew industry.

We partnered with farmers, entrepreneurs, and engineers in Benin and beyond to create a local, thriving, and sustainable cashew operation. Through Tolaro Global, our cashew processing, roasting & salting factories, we buy from 7,000 local farmers and employ more than 650 people in Benin.

Today, we use a holistic approach which partners community and business development, changing the villages and communities we are working in. In partnership with our non-profit, Projects for Progress, we are educating and empowering women and children to move and think beyond their current situations to a future of hope and prosperity.

Inspired by the changes we are seeing first hand, we launched our snack brand, beyond. We believe that life is meant to be lived and poured out in service for others, knowing that our purpose is found in helping people change their lives.

We could think of nothing better than to share our cashews and their stories with the world!