Beyond’s organic flavored cashews are a bit different than other flavored cashews you might be used to eating.  Beyond works directly with the cashew farmers and processes,  roasts and flavors their own cashews to ensure that no harmful pesticides are added to the cashews.  As a Fairtrade certified company,  our flavored cashews are gluten free, pesticide free, and non-GMO.

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Beyond Organic Flavored Cashews

When you taste Beyond flavored cashews, you are tasting integrity. Why? Because we are 100% committed to sustainability, local prosperity and community development. When you purchase from Beyond, you are investing in the future of the global community and sustainability.

We know you are discerning about your cashews. So are we! Here at Beyond, we hold the highest standards of quality so we can provide you the most outrageously delicious flavored cashews. We are excited to expand our commitment to quality and taste by offering you our new line of flavored cashews and we know you are going to love them!

About Beyond and Our Flavored Cashews

Back in 2010, Beyond started a mission to establish a fully locally sourced cashew processing facility and we succeeded. Since we opened our first cashew factory, we have created over 600 jobs for our local community. We are also extremely committed to agricultural sustainability and strive to support our local cashew growers. Our commitment to quality and global improvement is a source of pride, and you can feel proud to buy our flavored cashews because you are directly contributing to a noble cause.

Through the years, Beyond continues to grow and our mission flourishes in providing better quality of life to our communities and better quality cashews to you. Proof of this is found in our new state-of-the-art BRC certified roasting and seasoning facility. This is where the magic of our flavored cashews shines!

We maintain our brand new roasting and seasoning facility with the utmost attention to cleanliness, care, and quality. We are fanatic about providing you premium flavored cashews, and we have strict quality-control procedures in place to deliver our promise to give you the very best.

Why Buy Flavored Cashews From Beyond

When it comes to flavored cashews, we have your cravings covered. Beyond is the chief source for outstanding quality cashews. Our cashews taste amazing on their own, but when we dress them up in exciting spice-blends, you get flavored cashews tailored to your taste buds!

We can say with total confidence that our flavored cashews are superior to all the rest. At Beyond, we grow and harvest our cashews directly from the source in Benin, West Africa, one of the largest producers of cashews in the world.

When you buy from Beyond, you are getting the freshest, purest cashew in your market today.  Other cashew facilities import cashews which takes time and additional processing. This means those other cashews went through unnecessary steps before you even start snacking on them. That makes Beyond flavored cashews the freshest you can buy.

The days of mindless consumption of flavored cashews are over. When you eat Beyond’s natural cashews, you can feel good because you know exactly where they come from and how much love goes into each cashew you enjoy.  Beyond knows all our farmers and you can rest assured that you know exactly from where your cashews are sourced. We have a tight-knit agricultural community and our farmers are as devoted to providing you remarkable cashews as we are!

Health Benefits of Flavored Cashews From Beyond

If this doesn’t get you as excited as we are about our flavored cashews, then consider the health benefits of eating our cashews. Did you know cashews are heart-healthy snacks? They are rich in the good type of unsaturated fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Medical studies have shown that introducing these healthy unsaturated fats is an effective way can lower cholesterol in your blood which is beneficial to your heart.

Our deliciously flavored cashews are also a tasty way to boost your energy! Cashews are a natural source of copper and iron. These are essential nutrients that recharge your red blood cells. When your red blood cells are happy, your blood becomes more oxygenated and this leads to higher levels of energy. Beyond’s flavored cashews are a perfect pick-me-up if you get those low-energy blues in the afternoons.

Are you looking for a good source of protein? You’re in luck because our flavored cashews are packed with protein. Weighing in at over 21% protein content, cashews are a delightful snack if you are watching your protein intake. Our cashews are the perfect snack for vegans, vegetarians, or enjoyed as an after workout bite to boost your protein levels.

Diversity and Flavor: Different Ways to Enjoy Beyond Flavored Cashews

Our flavored cashews are a sublime treat all by themselves, but you can also use them to enhance your favorite recipes. Cooking with cashews is a brilliant way to increase protein and essential nutrients in your meals.

Adding our flavored cashews to your curry is bound to win favor at any dinner party. Cashews in curries provide a crunchiness your dinner guests will adore. Their distinctive sweetness adds a curious yet addictive quality that will keep your guests coming back for more of your famous cashew curry!

Cashews have a unique silky texture when they are macerated for cream-based soups. You can concoct a prize-winning creamy soup with our flavored cashews. This cooking technique is a great alternative to using cream, which might be ideal if you are on a vegan diet. Our flavored cashews will bolster the flavor of your cream soups and lend a special pizzazz that will make them a go-to for thickening and lending a lusciously silky texture to your soups and bisques.

We can’t talk about cashews in recipes without mentioning an all-time classic, cashew chicken. This satisfying Asian-inspired dish pops when you add Beyond’s flavored cashews! Whether cooking for yourself or throwing a bash, our flavored cashews are sure to be a hit in your dishes!

Make a Difference With Beyond’s Flavored Cashews

Beyond maintains integrity in every cashew we harvest. We are devoted to you and our planet. We are on a mission to keep jobs local and build communities all while we provide you with the most spectacular tasting flavored cashews available.

We know you are going to be thrilled with our flavored cashews. Plus, when you buy from Beyond, you are investing in the future of the global community. 10% of all profits go directly towards empowering women and children, business development, and clean water projects in Africa.

We know you are as committed to making this world a better place as we are. What better way to show your commitment to global improvement than by enjoying our delicious flavored cashews?

Are you already crazy about Beyond cashews? Let us know! We have a growing following of cashew-lovers who are as jazzed about our product as we are. We would love to hear from you! Thank you so much for joining our mission to be the best cashew provider ever!