Beyond’s organic bulk cashews are a bit different than cashews you might be used to eating.  Beyond works directly with the cashew farmers and processes their own cashews to ensure that no harmful pesticides are added to the cashews.  As a Fairtrade certified company, our cashews are gluten free, pesticide free, preservative free and non-GMO.

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Beyond Raw Cashews: Bulk is Better!

The only thing better than Beyond’s cashews is our raw cashews in bulk! We know you are a savvy shopper and buying in bulk is an excellent way to save you money. If you love cashews and value savings, then our raw cashews in bulk is a winning deal for you.

When you take advantage of our raw cashews bulk option, you receive over 20% below retail price. Our bulk raw cashews come in 50-pound bags that are vacuum-sealed for ultimate freshness. Here at Beyond, we hold the highest standards for quality. Our commitment to providing you the finest raw cashews means you are getting the most delicious, delightful cashews available.

When you buy raw cashews in bulk from Beyond, you are getting the freshest, purest cashew possible. Other nut companies import their cashews and are subjected to unnecessary processing to retain freshness. That’s just not good eating. Beyond cashews are locally sourced, straight from the farm, vacuum packed, and sent directly to you for your eating pleasure. That’s the only way cashew-connoisseurs should experience the wonderfully yummy cashew!

Beyond Raw Cashews: Bulk For You When a Little Just Won’t Do

If you’ve got a passion for cashews, don’t let a short supply keep you from your cashew cravings. Our raw cashews in bulk will keep you and your family stocked in good measure. Our vacuum-sealed 50-pound bulk bags of raw cashews will arrive at your door completely fresh and mouth-watering enticing.

Not sure how to store your stash of bulk raw cashews? No worries. There are several methods you can use to preserve your treasure trove of Beyond premium cashews.

The key to perfect preservation is to keep your cashews in an airtight container. This keeps moisture at bay, and other food odors away. Properly sealed and stored cashews prefer a cool, dry environment. To extend the freshness of your raw cashews, you can store your airtight cashew containers in the refrigerator where they will last up to six months. You can even freeze them, extending their edible awesomeness up to one year!

Keep an air-locked bag in the refrigerator for quick and easy snacking, then embrace your inner squirrel and store the remaining bulk raw cashews in your freezer so you can always have your favorite treat on hand.

Ways to Enjoy Raw Cashews: Bulk is the New Beautiful!

The uses of raw cashews are virtually endless. In many instances, raw cashews in bulk are the only way to pull off perfectly pleasing cashew-based essentials and dishes. For example, a large amount of raw cashews is required to make cashew milk, cashew butter, or cashew flour. Utilizing cashews for these purposes can be a surprisingly easy process.

Making your own cashew milk with our bulk cashews is incredibly delicious and nutritious. Cashew milk is a smart alternative to dairy milk for those who are on a vegan diet. Nut milk like cashew milk is also excellent for those who are lactose intolerant. Making cashew milk from Beyond raw cashews in bulk is simple and cost-effective. One cup of raw cashews combined with water can produce about four cups of milk. If you are feeding a family, raw cashew bulk is the way to go to keep everyone fortified with your scrumptiously sweet, nutrient-dense homemade cashew milk.

Are you or someone you know on a gluten-free diet? All of Beyond’s raw cashews are naturally gluten-free. You can make cashew flour for baking bread, muffins, cookies, and more. Cashew flour is a superior alternative and delivers an impressive amount of minerals and nutrients to your baked goods. Our raw cashew bulk option is a smart way to go when you are making cashew flour for your dietary needs.

Cashew butter is a new trend that is especially useful for you or your loved ones with peanut allergies. All of our raw cashews are produced in a peanut-free facility, so you never need to worry about an allergic reaction by eating Beyond cashews. Our premium peanut-free raw cashews have a rich, sweet flavor and provide essential vitamins, so they make a perfect butter or spread.

Another clever way to use our bulk raw cashews is to make big batches of healthy snacks for your friends and family. Having the whole gang over for the big football game? Try our sublime cashews in your party blend. Simply mix in pretzels, cashews, cheese crackers, or whatever you fancy.

Need an energy boost for a long hiking trip? Make your own trail mix with our raw cashews, raisins, carob chips, or anything you like. Cashews are a natural source of copper and iron. These are essential nutrients that recharge and oxygenate your blood, which gives you an energy kick.

Do you have a sweet-tooth in the family? Or perhaps you are looking for home-made wholesome treats to make as gifts for the holidays. Try our raw cashews in bulk to make your own brittle. It is simple to make and brittle is a welcomed gift from the heart you can give to friends, family, or neighbors. Cashew brittle is also ideal for those with peanut allergies because our cashews are processed in our peanut-free facility!

About Our Raw Cashews in Bulk

Beyond’s scrumptious raw cashews are always organic, vegan, and gluten-free. They are also Non-GMO and produced under fair-trade standards. Raw cashews are a tremendous source of copper, iron, manganese, and magnesium. These and other nutrients have been known to aid in lowering cholesterol, maintain heart-health, and maintain healthy, strong bones.

Did we mention they taste terrific? Beyond is committed to the highest quality and take great care in our how we process each cashew. That means you get the tastiest cashew available.

Beyond prides itself on locally sourced cashews. We know all our farmers in the beautiful lands of West Africa, and we support sustainable cashew production. When you buy Beyond’s all-natural raw cashews, you know exactly where they come from, which is something you can’t always say about other cashews on the market.

Do you have any questions about our wonderfully tasty raw cashews in bulk? We are here to help! Send us an email and we will be happy to chat about cashews with you!