A Real-Life Review of Our Bulk Cashews

A Real-Life Review of Our Bulk Cashews

At Beyond the Nut, we know that our cashews are good- not just in terms of their fresh and delicious taste, but for the planet and the world. But what’s really important is that our customers are satisfied. When you order bulk cashews, we want to know that you are happy with your purchase. Our team decided to speak to real customers to ask about their experience with cashews from Beyond the Nut. We got an overwhelming response and wanted to share some of the reasons people keep coming back for more!

All information below is the unpaid opinion of real Beyond the Nut customers.

The Beyond the Nut Difference

When we asked customers how our bulk cashews differed from other options they had tried, the quality was the first thing that came to mind. The freshness of our nuts is top of mind and makes them delicious. It was said they are “slightly crunchier” than other bulk cashews, and that they had “definitely less of a fishy than others I have purchased.” While we don’t know about a fishy odor, we do know that our cashews have no preservatives or extra ingredients. In order to make them shelf-stable, many large nut brands add ingredients to their cashews. This could leave an aftertaste like the one described and it may even cause them to lose their signature crunch. Beyond the Nut customers have noticed what a fresh and pure batch of cashews can mean!

Why Choose Beyond the Nut?

We were curious about what made people choose raw cashews from Beyond the Nut in the first place. The taste and freshness are certainly an appeal, but you wouldn’t know that until you’ve bought them- so what did customers say?

Most people say the quality came second to our solid ethical foundation. All bulk cashews are gluten-free, GMO-free, vegan, and fair-trade. Once customers learned about the traditional labor practices in the cashew industry, many were horrified and wanted to stop eating cashews altogether. Luckily, they were able to read about Beyond’s commitment to ethical practices and meeting fair trade standards. Rather than nuts that have been through a global supply chain with unpaid or underpaid laborers and unsafe practices that cause harm to workers, Beyond the Nut allowed these cashew lovers to get their favorite snack in bulk without concerns about ethics.

Many people who have plant-based diets or live a vegan lifestyle and are thinking of vegan recipes using cashews, are also extremely concerned with sustainability and the environmental impact their consumption has on the planet. While they are shipped from West Africa, Beyond the Nuts cashews significantly reduce the carbon footprint of traditional cashews and other nuts. Whereas other manufacturers send harvested cashews to other continents like Asia to be processed, all the work for Beyond is done in Benin, where the cashews grow, by local farmers and entrepreneurs. This cuts down on the shipping cost in addition to keeping jobs local.

It’s no wonder customers who lead ethical, vegan lifestyles choose our bulk cashews!

How Clients Use Our Cashews

While many people buy bulk cashews to eat by the handful, we know many people buy them to use in other recipes. We asked customers to share what they transform our bulk cashews into in order to add them to their diet in a variety of ways.

One of the most popular recipes was a cashew cream sauce, similar to sour cream, but vegan. This type of sauce can be used as the basis for a huge range of recipes. We heard about ways to use this recipe as the base of sour cream substitute, ranch and other salad dressings, dips, cheeses, and dessert sauces.

Many people also take our cashews and use them as the basis for a flavor-packed snack. Cashews can be roasted using sweet flavors, like a traditional honey-roasted cashew, or spicy and savory options. When you know your cashews are of good quality and fresh, you can feel confident leveling them up.

Try Our Cashews for Yourself

Now that you know why others have chosen Beyond the Nut cashews, you can follow their lead and order the nuts in bulk! We sell raw cashews in a variety of sizes including jumbo, and as whole, half, or pieces. Customers also cite our customer service and reasonable pricing as reasons not to wait to place your order!