Can Eating Cashews Help You Live Longer?

Can Eating Cashews Help You Live Longer

Scientists are always testing and monitoring studies to help identify what foods are healthiest for humans to consume to give us longer, healthier, happier lives. Two long-running Harvard studies have given us insight into what food group has a good chance of staving off cancer, heart disease, and respiratory disease. And the answer is delicious: nuts! A handful of nuts daily, including peanuts and jumbo cashews, seem to keep the doctor away. This detailed report analyzes long-running studies, and while it doesn’t say that cashews contain an elixir of life to make you avoid death, it does say that many common illnesses and diseases that cause death in the general population can be avoided by increasing your consumption of nuts.

Nearly 120,000 participants were included in the study, which spanned nearly 30 years. Participants with a history of cancer or heart disease were excluded. These studies began in the 1980s and concluded in 2010. Participants were asked detailed questions about their diets every two to four years throughout the duration of the study. Researchers then classified all of the participants into categories based on their diets that ranged from people who never consume any nuts to people who consume them at least once per day. The people who consumed more nuts were at less risk from premature death than those who did not consume nuts.

Jumbo cashews, in particular, are packed full of healthy nutrients that benefit your brain, hair, skin, eyes, and liver. The combination of healthy ingredients in jumbo cashews proves to be a winning combination. Nuts have been shown to lower LDL (which is considered the “bad” cholesterol) and raise HDL (considered the “good” cholesterol). Jumbo cashews and other nuts are also responsible for lowering blood pressure and blood pressure responses to stress.

Some things to consider with this information: follow-up studies found that participants who consumed nuts more frequently were leaner, less likely to smoke, more likely to exercise, and more likely to use vitamin supplements. They also consumed more fruits and vegetables, and they drank more alcohol.

Food Pairings with Jumbo Cashews

It might seem a little too good to be true, but jumbo cashews aren’t the only nut – or only food for that matter – that scientists consider necessary for living a longer, healthier life. There are several foods documented to have a positive effect when eaten in moderation. The kicker? They all taste great with jumbo cashews. We’ll dive into a handful of other foods proven to work for you and tell you how to enjoy them with your favorite heart-healthy nut, the cashew.


One of the easiest, go-to breakfast options around is closely linked to living a healthier, longer life. Studies have shown that people who regularly eat oatmeal can benefit from decreased LDL cholesterol (remember, that’s the “bad” one). Oatmeal can also help maintain a healthy body weight, thanks to the loads of fiber in each serving. Oatmeal made with healthy alternative milks and sprinkled with fresh or roasted cashews and fresh fruit make for an all-star breakfast.


If you’re looking for another longevity-boosting food to top your oatmeal with, reach for a handful of blueberries. These berries are packed with antioxidants that keep the years in your life. Add them to your oatmeal in the morning, or top a leafy salad with some blueberries, roasted jumbo cashews, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar for a sweet and tangy topping that is still heart-healthy.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are considered to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods you could possibly eat! Cashews can help you eat more vegetables because they go well together! Chard, beet greens, spinach, chicory, and leaf lettuce are all considered leafy greens, so make sure you fill your shopping cart with plenty of them. From healthy salads topped with blueberries and cashews to a sneaky addition in your morning smoothie, leafy greens are another food to make sure you consume daily.

While there are no guarantees in life, eating your way to health seems like as close to a sure bet as you can make. Luckily, healthy foods can be delicious, too, and give our bodies the consistent, healthy energy we need to go about the things we love.