Best Gifts for Cashew Lovers

Best Gifts for Cashew Lovers

Whether it’s the winter holidays, a birthday, or an anniversary, you can almost never go wrong with a gift of a delicious and indulgent treat. While some people will prefer chocolate or candy, you may know someone who prefers the versatile flavor and crunchy texture of whole cashews. If someone in your life is a fan of cashews, you can go classic and buy them bulk nuts to store and enjoy, or get creative and buy accompanying ingredients and products. Below are some of our favorite ideas!

Whole Cashews

If someone is a true lover of cashews, they may appreciate a pure gift of bulk raw cashews. They can choose to eat these as-is or have a large stock of nuts ready to use at a moment’s notice. If you choose to go the route of pure cashews, it’s important to make sure they’re high quality. Anyone can get a large vault of cashews from the store, but for an impressive gift, high-quality and well-sourced cashews are the best option.

Roasted and Flavored Cashews

For something more indulgent, you may choose to buy cashews that have been roasted and flavored. Seasonal cashews may offer flavors like gingerbread or similar spices, or you can go with a classic like honey roasted cashews. These already prepared treats can match the season or the taste of your gift’s recipient.

You may also see gift baskets with multiple flavors or even something like chocolate-covered cashews.

Storage Containers

For someone who always has cashews on hand, buying in bulk is a great way to save money and make sure their supply never runs low. Any person who is familiar with cashews knows that their freshness is one of the best qualities about them, and they know that good cashews can go rancid quickly when not treated well. In addition to storage in a dark and dry space, airtight containers are crucial for making cashews last as long as possible.

A great gift option is a set of nice containers that match their kitchen’s look and feel, allowing them endless options for cashews in the future!

Other Nuts

Cashews have a unique flavor and are many people’s favorite nut, but they can be complemented by a range of other options. Almonds, pistachios, peanuts, and pecans are all other popular nuts that can be combined with cashews for a range of textures and options. You’ll want to include some cashews so they have their favorite, but expanding their horizons can always be good!

Cashew-Derived Products

Some people love to cook in their home kitchen and are happy to take bulk whole cashews and turn them into butters and flours. But for some people, taking the time to make products like this isn’t in their schedule or isn’t something they enjoy. Rather than gifting them a task, you can buy pre-made cashew butter or cashew flour that they can use as an ingredient in other cooking endeavors.

Unique Spices

One of the things that makes cashews great is their versatile flavor and texture- while they taste delicious on their own, they seamlessly pick up the flavors of whatever they are cooked in, adding richness to other dishes and spices. Most people’s spice cabinets are full of things that can add flavor to cashews, like salt, paprika, or cinnamon. But sometimes, more rare spices or ones from other areas of the world can make your snacks more unique.

If the person likes spicy food, chili powder from somewhere else can be a good option. American chili powder is often a combination of other spices, while some places sell it pure. Or masala, a combination of classic Indian spices, can be imported for a more traditional flavor.

Go Beyond!

Whatever you decide to buy for your next gift, Beyond the Nut offers high-quality and ethically sourced cashews and cashew products. Not only will a cashew lover be impressed by the taste and caliber of the nut, but they can feel good knowing the product is GMO-free, vegan, gluten-free, Certified Fair Trade, and sourced directly from local farmers and entrepreneurs. All items, from bulk whole cashews to dark chocolate-covered nuts, are made to be good for the world as well as for your taste buds!