Why Cashew Milk Is Best for Lactose Intolerance

Why Cashew Milk Is Best for Lactose Intolerance

While lactose intolerance is considered an anomaly, an estimated 65 percent of the human population has some level of this intolerance past infancy. For those who choose to avoid traditional dairy milk, there are ever-increasing forms of milk substitutes on the market, from almond to soy to cashew. In fact, it may be overwhelming to determine which option is right for your diet. If you’re looking for the option that is the most nutritious, flavorful, and versatile, cashew milk should be at the top of your list. When you read about the benefits, you’ll be rushing to buy bulk cashews to get started!

Health Benefits of Cashew Milk

The strongest argument for adding cashew milk to your diet is the outstanding nutritional profile of cashews themselves. Cashew nuts are used not only as dairy substitutes, but also as a nut butter, a snack, and an ingredient in many recipes due to their many known health benefits. Not only do they make up for some of the nutrients you may miss from cow’s milk, but cashews have a number of additional benefits as well.

Good for the Heart

Like most nuts, raw cashews are high in fat, but almost entirely fats that are good for you. These polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids have been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, and other cardiac issues. In addition to these fatty acids, cashew milk contains potassium and magnesium, which can both improve heart health and blood pressure levels.

Improves Eye Health

Two of the antioxidants found in cashews, lutein and zeaxanthin, are known to prevent degenerative eye diseases and poor retinal health. They may also help to avoid cataracts in older adults.

Better Blood Clotting

People with a deficiency in Vitamin K can often suffer from excessive bleeding due to the blood’s poor ability to clot. While this is not common in adults, people with malabsorption issues like inflammatory bowel disease are more likely to have these problems. Cashew milk is high in Vitamin K, which can help you maintain the protein needed for blood to clot properly.

Controls Blood Sugar

Compounds in cashews like anacardic acids have been shown to promote better blood sugar control, particularly in people who have diabetes. The fact that it is lactose-free is also beneficial, as it has fewer carbohydrates than dairy.

Other Reasons to Choose Cashew Milk

In addition to the health benefits, cashew milk is also extremely easy to make and customize, as well as being a very versatile ingredient.

By purchasing bulk cashews, you can easily make cashew milk using just a blender, some water, and any flavoring or salt you’d like to add. Some people will sweeten their milk, but it can be enjoyed plain, making it a sugar-free option as well.

Not only can you drink this milk or add it to your coffee, but it can also be used in any recipe that calls for milk. Your cashews can also be used in a wide variety of recipes or grabbed by the handful for snacking!

Many people prefer cashew milk as it has a rich and creamy texture without a distinct flavor profile that makes it stand out as a dairy alternative.

Environmental Benefits of Cashew Milk

If the benefits to your body aren’t enough to make you buy bulk cashews, you should also consider the effect of your dairy alternative on the planet and the environment. Cow’s milk is already known to have a large environmental impact, so lactose intolerance can be a starting point for making more conscious choices.

Some milk alternatives are known for having negative impacts on the environment. For example, almond and rice milk use huge amounts of water in production. Cashew milk uses far less water than either of these kinds of milk or traditional cow’s milk.

It is important to make sure your cashew milk is sourced ethically to make your choice a sound one. Many cashews come from farms with poor labor practices and are then sent on multi-stop trips around the globe for cheap and fast processing. Where can you buy cashews that are ethically sourced? Cashews from Beyond the Nut are harvested, processed, and packaged by local communities, cutting down on the carbon footprint for your cashew milk. Additionally, we are committed to fair-labor practices, empowering local farmers and entrepreneurs to benefit from their rich local resources.

Bulk cashews from Beyond the Nut can be used to make delicious and fair trade cashew milk for your dairy-free lifestyle.