All You Need to Know About Buying Cashews Online

All You Need to Know About Buying Cashews Online

In today’s world, nearly everything can be bought online, from clothes to cars to groceries. This has added a lot of convenience to our lives, but sometimes the process of online shopping can feel overwhelming for the sheer number of options available. When you’re used to buying a product from the aisles of a grocery store, determining the right vendor and product online can feel like a tough decision. However, if you want to buy cashews online, there are some simple things you can look out for to make sure you are not only getting what you want, but you’re also getting the best possible option.

How Will You Use Your Cashews?

One of the first things you should use to guide your process of buying cashews online is what you will ultimately be doing with the nuts. If you want to grab raw cashews by the handful for a quick snack or addition to trail mix, you may need a different product than if you plan to garnish desserts with a crunchy treat.

The first question will be whether you want to purchase raw or roasted cashews. While “raw” cashews have technically been processed and cooked once to remove their toxic shell, they have not been flavored or roasted and can be adjusted to your own tastes and recipes. Raw cashews typically also have not had any oils or salt added to them, making them a healthy base for many meals. If you’d prefer something ready to eat, plain roasted cashews are available, as well as a variety of flavors like the classic honey roasted cashew.

You can also determine if you want to buy whole, half, or pieces of cashews. Whole or half may be preferred for something like a trail mix where you want to take a bite of cashews for the added texture, while pieces are often chosen for cooking and garnishes. Of course, you can always break cashews into smaller pieces yourself if you purchase whole nuts.

How Many Cashews Should I Buy?

One benefit of buying online is the ability to buy cashews in bulk, which helps you to save money and keeps your pantry stocked for a long time. When properly stored, bulk cashews can last for a long period of time and be available for you to use in a variety of recipes. This will keep you from having to make repeated trips to the store to restock cashews, or being worried about trying a new recipe in case it uses the last of your stock.

Buying cashews in bulk is also good for the environment, especially when shopping online. Larger orders mean a smaller number of shipments made to you. This reduces transportation miles and the carbon footprint, especially when you are not in the regions that cashews are traditionally grown. Fewer packages also mean less waste as single-use plastic is not required repeatedly, and packaging can often be kept simple.

If you choose to buy cashews online in bulk, proper storage will be important to prevent the cashews from going stale or becoming bad. Most bulk cashews will arrive in a vacuum-sealed bag that protects them from oxidizing, but once opened, you will need to recreate these airtight conditions. Once you’ve opened your cashews, you will want to transfer them to an airtight container and store them in a cool and dry location.

At room temperature, carefully stored cashews will usually last a few weeks before they develop a rancid taste. However, if they are kept refrigerated, they will be good for about 6 months, and if frozen can last a year.

Choosing Ethical Cashews

When choosing to buy cashews online, you may also consider the source of the product and how the nuts are being manufactured. While this information is not generally available with brands packaged and sold in grocery stores, online companies like Beyond the Nut can be more transparent about their processing.

Many cashew companies utilize unpaid or underpaid laborers in harsh conditions in order to process, package, and distribute cashews. By ordering from Beyond the Nut, you are opposing these practices and supporting a locally-based operation that focuses on empowering farmers and entrepreneurs and making a positive impact on the locations where cashews are grown.