Natural Cashew Flour

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How Your Purchase Changes the World

Although they’re native to Brazil, cashews are mostly farmed in Africa, India, and Vietnam. Unfortunately, they are picked and shelled at the hands of oppressed laborers in these countries.

Once they’re ready to be treated and packaged, they’ve already traveled an average of 10,000 miles. Not to mention they are sprayed with a toxic chemical, aluminum phosphide poison, that even organic cashews endure.

We started Beyond to flip the script in the cashew industry. Not only do we strive to provide the best tasting cashews, but we also want them to come from a fair trade, sustainable farming community in Africa.

Beyond nuts are grown and harvested all in one community, supporting Benin’s local economy. They’re lovingly processed close to home without exposure to harmful toxins. Then they’re roasted, salted, and packaged right there, a few hundred feet away.

Our cashews travel less than 100 miles from a thriving farmer to his neighbor. By employing locals in Benin, we eliminate the need to export cashews to factories with unimaginable working conditions.

Your purchase of Beyond cashew flour:

  • Provides jobs to the people in Benin
  • Gives back to a local economy in Africa
  • Eliminates the need to export cashews into the hands of forced laborers

Why is Cashew Flour Better Than Traditional Wheat Flour?

Cashew flour is an excellent, gluten-free and vegan base for any recipe you would typically use flour. Cashew flour and meal is essentially the same – the latter being courser in texture and less blended.

Of course, the finer the grind, the better your baked treats turn out. Beyond cashew flour is finely ground, giving you the best possible texture for your recipes! Our flour is packed with protein and zinc, has a richer, creamier taste than traditional flour.

Health Benefits from Cashews

Incorporating a high number of plant-based foods can reduce the risk health conditions caused by lifestyle choices. Cashew flour is a great alternative to help fuel your immune system and stimulate your metabolism. Here are some ways cashews can improve your health.

Cholesterol Control

Concerned about cholesterol? Cashews contain oleic and palmitoleic acids, which help lower LDL cholesterol (the bad one) and help increase HDL (the good one). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved for health labels to state that “eating 1.5oz per day of most nuts as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk for heart disease.”

Maintain a Healthy Weight

By routinely eating cashews or cashew flour, you may have a better chance of maintaining a healthy weight, according to some researchers. Studies show that people who eat nuts on a regular basis are likely burning more calories while at rest than those who don’t.

Increase Protein Intake

For every sixteen to eighteen cashews (approximately 1 oz), you’ll consume 5g of protein, 13g of healthy fat, and 160 calories. Cashews’ unique nutritional ratio make them a better choice over the often-compared macadamia nut, which is usually higher in calories and lower in protein.

Fight of Bacteria and Viruses

Do you get your daily dose of zinc? It helps to fend off bacteria and viruses! In a 1 oz serving of cashews, you get nearly 2mg of zinc! With just a few servings of cashews, you can meet your daily requirement of this important nutrient.

Delicious Ways to Use Cashew Flour

  • Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies: Here is a delicious recipe combining chocolate chips, maple syrup, chocolate chunks, and of course cashew flour. Yum!
  • Sandwich Bread: Need a gluten-free, grain-free option for your deli sandwiches? Follow this recipe, using cashew flour, and your family won’t even know the difference!
  • Breakfast Pancakes: Who says you can’t make a tasty breakfast without white flour? This recipe uses cashew flour to make fluffy, delicious pancakes.


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