Top 4 Uses for Cashew Nut Powder

Top 4 Uses for Cashew Nut Powder

We are living in a new world with more awareness of what goes into our bodies and how it will affect us. During the pandemic, we spent more time at home and thought more about our personal health routines. For most of us, we never had more time to cook and consider the ingredients in our food than we did in the past year. What we’re cooking with and where we get our foods from is becoming a top priority and is of interest to many, and we are concerning ourselves with where our food is from almost as much as we think about how it tastes.

For the better part of this year, many of us have been aiming to shop locally and more responsibly. This isn’t always easy to do, but companies like Beyond make it simpler. Our products are responsibly farmed and produced to make them not only healthy, but also a positive contribution to your home and the world.

Just as many of us have redirected our focus in the last 18 months, so also are we discovering new products, tastes, and recipes. Exploring new flavors and ingredients can radically transform your cooking and eating routines, which can have a big impact on your overall health and quality of life.

Cashew nut powder is one of those things that is beginning to breakthrough in the culinary world, giving professional chefs and at-home cooks access to new and mind-blowing flavors, textures, and recipes that are revolutionizing kitchens and dining tables across the globe.

Before we dive into the top uses for cashew nut powder, let’s address some benefits of this innovative ingredient.

Visionary Vitamins: A plant-based diet, or even more plant-based ingredients, can introduce a variety of vitamins and their benefits to you. If you’re looking to increase or improve your intake of magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B6, and vitamin K, cashew nut powder is a simple and easy way to do that.

Bone and Muscle Mass: Eating nut powder, particularly cashew nuts, increases copper, iron, and magnesium to your diet. These nutrients help maintain bone health and strength over time. Cashew nut powder is a good option for those with osteoporosis or muscular needs, and in powder form, it’s easy to incorporate into your diet in already-loved meals and new and delicious recipes.

Natural Youth: This nutrient-rich food is also capable of warding off signs of aging a bit longer as nutrients absorbed from the nut are brilliant for hair, nails, skin, and aiding in melanin production, which is helpful for hair and skin health.

Decrease in Fat: Raw cashews are healthy for you to begin with, but they are also filling and can help with managing hunger. The healthy fat in the cashew can help keep the body feeling satisfied longer and decrease cravings or grazing on less healthy food choices. Cashew nut powder also contains fiber which is healthy for those looking to lose weight and manage their weight more intentionally.

Top 4 Uses for Cashew Nut Powder

1. Creams and Sauces

Thicken any sweet or savory sauce with cashew nut powder in the same way that you would use regular flour. You can also make nut powder-based sauces for a variety of cuisines, creating thick and creamy sauces that are far above other options in deliciousness.

2. Breading and Batter

Want to up your fried chicken game? Use some cashew nut powder. Need a new recipe for another breaded meat or batter for baking? Cashew nut powder is an excellent substitute for regular flour as it has a unique texture and taste, and it offers far more benefits than wheat-based flours.

3. Smoothies and Milkshakes

You’ve probably seen some pretty strange smoothie ingredients, but cashew nut powder isn’t one of them. It’s a natural addition to any delicious frozen treat with its delicious taste and sweet texture. Toss whole cashews in fruit smoothies for a fun crunch or mix some cashew nut powder into your next milkshake for a uniquely delectable flavor.

4. Breads and Baked Goods

As an even swap for regular white flour, cashew nut powder is sure to add a touch of special flavor to your next baked good. Embrace home-baked cashew flour bread or try a cashew nut powder dessert recipe for a delightful new treat.

FAQs About Cashew Nut Powder

  • How awkward is it to use?
    It is a direct substitute to regular flour or powder, so there are direct swaps from recipes for measuring which makes cashew flour easy to use.
  • How versatile of an ingredient is it?
    It works for all kinds of recipes, including bread, sauces, batter, soup, cookies, cake, and creamy sauces.
  • Why choose nut powder over normal flour?
    Cashew nut powder adds benefits in nutrition, such as fewer carbohydrates and sugar and more vitamins. It is also healthier than other flour and powder options as it has no chemical processing or harmful additives.
  • What are the health benefits?
    Cashews provide protein, as well as countless nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This makes them especially good for people aiming to lower cholesterol and manage diabetes. Cashews decrease the risk of strokes and heart disease. Cashew nut powder is also gluten-free, and when you buy it from Beyond, it’s also pesticide-free, preservative-free, non-GMO, and fair trade certified!