What Desserts Can I Make with Unsalted Cashews?

What Desserts Can I Make with Unsalted Cashews

Cashews are a versatile food. They can be eaten raw, roasted, unsalted, or salted. Cashew fans can add these nuts to salads or a variety of party platters, and unsalted cashews are a vital component in many types of desserts. At Beyond, we chose four of our favorite desserts to share with our customers around the world.

Caramel Cashew Cheesecake

The buttery flavor of raw cashews blends well with the caramel and the cheesecake for this dessert. After preheating the oven, grease a baking pan and double-wrap the pan in foil. In a small bowl, cut some cold butter into flour until the mixture resembles small crumbs. Add unsalted cashews, confectioner’s sugar, and salt into the mixture. Press the mixture into the pan, bake the mixture, then remove the pan. In a large bowl, add cream cheese, vanilla, and sugar, beating the mixture into a smooth texture. Add eggs and cream to the mixture, then mix the mixture until the mixture is combined. Pour the mixture over the crust, bake the cake, and let the cheesecake cool in a refrigerator overnight. Before serving the cheesecake, make homemade caramel by mixing and heating a mixture of sugar and water, then top the cheesecake with the caramel and unsalted cashews.

Cashew Cookies

Yes, there are many benefits to eating raw cashews but this doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate them to our favorite desserts! The unsalted cashews complement the dairy ingredients of these cashew cookies. After preheating the oven, use a large bowl to mix butter and brown sugar into a cream. Add an egg and vanilla to the mix, then beat the mixture. Add chopped, unsalted cashews and stir the mixture. Place tablespoons of the mixture onto greased baking sheets, bake the cookies, and let them cool on a wire rack. Melt butter, then mix the butter with cream and vanilla to create frosting to top the cookies.

Spiced Rum-Nut Brittle

Beyond the Nut urges our customers to keep this dessert away from anyone under the age of 21. Start by buttering a baking pan. Use a microwave-safe bowl to combine sugar and corn syrup. Place the uncovered mixture in a microwave and heat it. Stir the mixture, then microwave the mixture again. Add unsalted cashews, pecans, cinnamon, butter, cayenne, salt, and nutmeg to the mixture, then stir the mixture. Microwave the mixture again, stir baking soda and rum extract into the mixture, pour the mixture into the buttered baking pan, and let the mixture cool. Break the solid mixture into smaller pieces, and enjoy this adults-only dessert.

Homemade Milk Chocolate Cashew Butter

This dessert is easy to make and is a true treat for chocolate lovers. Place the unsalted cashews into a food processor, then blend the cashews until the mixture is smooth. Add coconut oil and chocolate to the mixture, then blend the mixture until it is smooth again. Add salt, then blend the mixture a third time. The cashew butter should be stored in a refrigerator if it is not going to be consumed within four days.

Beyond Cashew Desserts

Beyond offers high quality, fair-trade, organic, vegan, unsalted cashews at our online store. We sell raw, unsalted cashews in package sizes ranging from two pounds to fifty pounds. Our customers can order whole cashews, halved cashews, or cashew pieces to meet their snacking and baking needs. Our cashews will be the perfect addition to your cashew-based dessert; alternatively, they’re great as a standalone snack.

Beyond is certified as Fair Trade, BRC Food, HACCP, and USDA Organic. And our company is always seeking ways to improve our processes and our products. Customers with feedback, suggestions, or questions about cashews are welcome to contact us.