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Beyond cashews don’t come from just anywhere. They’re lovingly farmed, handled and packaged all in one thriving, sustainable farming community before shipping off straight to your doorstep.

We’re proud to grow the world’s best cashews by achieving ideal conditions for people and nuts alike. Our products are fair trade certified, 100% toxin-free, and remarkably fresh. If your customers care about what they eat, they’ll love you for choosing Beyond.

With free shipping, fast delivery, and top-notch customer service, we’re committed to being the partner your business deserves.

shop raw organic cashews in bulk

Our fresh cashews, butter, and flour make for excellent ingredients. If you run a restaurant, smoothie shop,
bakery, or just about any food service business, we'd love to partner with you

Bulk Raw Wholes

5lb, 10lb, 25lb, 50lb bags

From $10.00/LB

Bulk Raw Wholes Cases

100lb, 250lb, 500lb, 1000lb cases

From $8.00/LB

Bulk Raw Pieces

5lb, 10lb, 25lb, 50lb bags

From $8.75/LB

Bulk Raw Pieces Cases

100lb, 250lb, 500lb, 1000lb cases

From $7.00/LB


5lb - Bulk Raw Pieces



10lb - Bulk Raw Pieces



25lb - Bulk Raw Pieces



50lb - Bulk Raw Pieces




Cashew Butter - Oven Roasted

50lb bag


Organic Cashew Butter - Raw

50lb bag


Organic Cashew Flour

50lb bag


Your cashews will arrive in 50lb bags (two bags for 100lb order, five bags for 250lb order, and so on). Open what you need while the rest stays fresh!


Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re here to help.

Organic Cashews
(1lb, 3lb, 5lb)

Raw Pieces
Raw Halves
Raw Wholes
Raw Whole Jumbos

Organic Cashew
Flour (1lb)


Organic Cashews
(3.5oz Snack Packs)

Roasted Salted

Organic Cashew
Butter (12oz)

Raw Butter
Oven Roasted Butter

Cashew Butter
(1oz Snack Packs)

Raw Butter

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