Bulk Raw Halves & Pieces

Organic Cashews
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For the 5 LB, 10 LB, and 25 LB selections, your cashews will arrive in 5lb bags (two bags for 10lb order, five bags for 25lb orders). Open what you need while the rest stays fresh!

For your 50 LB orders or larger, your cashews will arrive in a vacuum pack 50lb bag in a carton.

All beyond cashews are USDA organic, GMO free, gluten free, vegan, and Fairtrade certified.

Bulk Raw Cashew Halves & Pieces

Our 5 pound, 10 pound, 25 pound, and 50 pound bags of raw cashew halves & pieces give our customers the option to buy our delicious nuts in bulk.

These nuts are so versatile, offering an unlimited number of uses, from embellishing salads and green beans to a delicious stir-fry or a mouthwatering Indian dish. They’re so yummy, you can even have them as a plain snack.

Because they’re raw in their most natural form, you won’t be adding any additional salt to your diet. No matter how you use your cashews, our fifty-pound bags will fuel your beyond for days to come.