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Raw Wholes

Organic Cashews
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Organic and Fairtrade Raw Whole Cashews

All beyond cashews are USDA organic, GMO free, gluten free, vegan, and Fairtrade certified.

Deliciously Simple

Our one-pound, three-pound, and five-pound bags of raw cashews give our customers the option to buy our delicious whole nuts in bulk.

Their mild nutty taste is perfectly tasty by itself, but they’re also an excellent addition to toss in salads or added to a dish for a complementary crunch. The best part about raw cashews is they serve as a blank canvas in the kitchen. You can salt and roast them or candy them with cinnamon and sugar.

Whether you choose sweet or savory, our one-pound, three-pound, and five-pound bags will fuel your beyond for hours to come.

Beyond Whole Raw Cashews, 1-lb, 3-lb, or 5-lb  bag:

  • One-pound, three-pound, or five-pound bag of whole, raw cashews in their most natural, organic form
  • Untampered with, making it the ideal base for recipes
  • High fiber, low sodium snack, loaded with protein, zinc, and copper
  • One bag contains about 200 cashews

How Your Purchase Changes the World

Although they’re native to Brazil, cashews are mostly farmed in Africa, India, and Vietnam. Unfortunately, they are picked and shelled at the hands of oppressed laborers in these countries.

Once they’re ready to be treated and packaged, they’ve already traveled an average of 10,000 miles. Not to mention they are sprayed with a toxic chemical, aluminum phosphide poison, that even organic cashews endure.

We started Beyond to flip the script in the cashew industry. Not only do we strive to provide the best tasting cashews, but we also want them to come from a fair trade, sustainable farming community in Africa.

Beyond nuts are grown and harvested all in one community, supporting Benin’s local economy. They’re lovingly processed close to home without exposure to harmful toxins. Then they’re roasted, salted, and packaged right there, a few hundred feet away.

Our cashews travel less than 100 miles from a thriving farmer to his neighbor. By employing locals in Benin, we eliminate the need to export cashews to factories with unimaginable working conditions.

Your purchase of Beyond cashews:

  • Provides jobs to the people in Benin
  • Gives back to a local economy in Africa
  • Eliminates the need to export cashews into the hands of forced laborers

Health Benefits from Cashews

Studies show that eating a high number of plant-based foods can reduce the risk health conditions caused by lifestyle choices. Cashews are the perfect snack to help fuel your immune system and metabolism. Here are some ways cashews can improve your health.

Boost Your Heart Health

Cashews contain oleic and palmitoleic acids, which help lower LDL cholesterol (the bad one) and help increase HDL (the good one). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved for health labels to state that “eating 1.5oz per day of most nuts as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk for heart disease.”

Manage Your Weight

Studies show that people who eat nuts on a regular basis are likely burning more calories while at rest than those who don’t. Some researchers have stated that eating routinely nuts can lead to maintaining a healthy weight.

Up Your Protein

For every sixteen to eighteen cashews (approximately 1 oz), you’ll consume 5g of protein, 13g of healthy fat, and 160 calories. This ratio of protein-fat-calories make cashews a better choice over the often-compared macadamia nut, which is usually higher in calories and lower in protein.

Protect Your Immune System

In a 1 oz serving of cashews, you get nearly 2mg of zinc! With just a few servings of cashews, you can meet your daily requirement of this important nutrient that helps fight off bacteria and viruses.