Why Every Athlete Needs Cashews in Their Lives

Why Every Athlete Needs Cashews in Their Lives

You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy the versatility of cashew nuts in a healthy diet. But, if you are an athlete and you’re looking for ways to steadily bulk up, it might be time to try bulk cashews. Athletes know that nuts and seeds are crucial to staying fit and full, but cashews specifically provide tons of healthy fats, carbohydrates, and nutrients to keep your body performing optimally. So, if you’re an athlete or aspiring athlete looking to get serious about their diet, bulk cashews are a great way to stock up on a nut that can do it all. Here are 5 tips for athletes to optimize their workouts, plus ways to incorporate more cashews in each.

Tips for Improving Athletic Performance

Raw cashews are known for being a powerhouse of nutrients. If you’re wondering how cashews compare to other nuts, these little nuts pack a huge punch when it comes to giving you more magnesium, copper, iron, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamin K than any other nut. Cashews help reduce cramps and muscle spasms by increasing red blood cell production.

Don’t Run on Empty

If you’re an athlete, you’re likely tracking your meals and calories throughout the day, to some degree. A huge part of keeping up with your calories is staying hydrated and planning for snacks when the hunger hits. You don’t want to be out and about and caught unprepared when it’s time to eat again. Being unprepared can lead to making last-minute decisions based on what’s available, so make sure you never run on empty by having plenty of roasted or raw cashews around. These little nuts provide healthy fats and a few carbohydrates to keep you full in between meals. You can even customize your cashew snack options by buying bulk cashews and roasting them yourself, adding whatever flavor you want. Bonus tip: make your own healthy trail mix using cashews!

Don’t Skip Breakfast

You don’t have to be an athlete to follow this sage conventional wisdom. Breakfast is important and prepares you for the day. Not only should you wake up and get hydrated with plenty of water, but you also need a healthy, well-rounded breakfast that consists of protein, whole grains, healthy fats, and fruit. If making those types of decisions early in the morning is too much for you, you’re not alone. One of the easiest ways to get a balanced breakfast is through a healthy smoothie, using raw cashews, cashew flour, or cashew butter. Just make sure you’re working some oats and greens in as well, to help stabilize your blood sugar from the fruit and/or juice you use.

Cut Out the Junk

If you’re serious about getting fit and being at the top of your game, that requires sacrifices. For athletes, this often looks like cutting out fast foods, alcohol, and other junk foods that can weigh you down literally and figuratively. If you’re craving a cheesy pizza, but have cut it out of your diet, use bulk cashews to make a creamy cashew cheese sauce, and make your own healthier, homemade pizza. Bonus: cashew cheese works great for pasta, too!

Focus on Iron-Rich Foods

This one is especially true for women and even truer of women who are pregnant or looking to get pregnant, as they tend to be deficient in iron. While eating leafy greens and red meat are also ways to increase your iron intake, cashews provide a versatile way to not get tired of keeping your iron intake up. One way to keep iron in your diet is to use bulk cashews to make a big batch of cashew butter. Use it like you would peanut butter, and put it on everything. Or, just eat it by the spoonful out of the jar.

Don’t Restrict Yourself

A common misconception for peak athletic performance is that you have to restrict calories. While restricting unhealthy foods is certainly ideal, you don’t need to restrict all calories. In fact, many athletes struggle to maintain enough calories during training. In order to keep full, and keep the workouts coming, use bulk cashews to create high-calorie meals and snacks. You can use cashew flour, cashew butter, or cashews to create healthy, high-calorie protein bars to help keep you fueled.