Can My Pets Eat Cashews?

Can My Pets Eat Cashews

Our feathered and furry friends are family. Because we share a bond with our beloved pets, we sometimes feel compelled to give them a special treat from our human diet. This being the case, Beyond has gotten a few questions like, “Can my pets eat cashews?” Feeding raw cashews to your pets depends upon what kind of beloved pet you are feeding. We love our pets too and want to be sure to answer this question for you so you can feel safe about feeding your pets raw cashews.

Woof! Can My Dog Eat Raw Cashews?

Feeding raw cashews to your dog is generally okay, because Beyond cashews are safe and non-toxic to dogs. However, that does not make it okay to feed a whole bag of cashews to your dog. As with almost everything, moderation is the best policy. While there are many benefits to eating raw cashews, cashews have a high protein and fat content. This can cause obesity and issues and also wreak havoc on your dog’s pancreas if they eat too many raw cashews.

Another thing to consider is the possibility your dog might have a cashew allergy. Nut allergies in dogs are fairly rare, but there are cases cited in veterinarian medical journals. If your dog is begging for a cashew, try giving him just one and observing how your pup behaves. If your dog exhibits itching, swelling, or begins to break out in hives, then immediately stop feeding him raw cashews.

Just as no dog is created equal, no nut is the same either. Some nuts are definitely bad for dogs, like macadamias that are toxic to our furry friends. For this reason, feeding your dog mixed nuts is highly discouraged. Luckily, with Beyond raw cashews all you get is 100% cashews. Our cashews are processed in a peanut-free facility and never mixed with any other nuts that might be harmful to your cherished canine.

In the final analysis, raw cashews are not harmful to your dogs, but they aren’t the best food choice for them either. The best advice is to err on the side of safety and stick with Scoobie snacks for your beloved pups.

Meow! What About Feeding Cashews to My Cat?

They say cats and dogs are total opposites, but when it comes to the question, “Can my pets eat cashews?”, the guidelines for dogs and cats are the same. Raw cashews are not poisonous or toxic to cats. However, they aren’t the most nutritious feline treat. Cats need a diet mostly comprised of protein. It’s true, cashews are high in protein and other nutrients, but they are not a suitable dietary source for your cat. In other words, your cat is better off with kitty chow and kitty treats instead of cashews.

Tweet! Polly Want a Cashew?

It’s pretty common for pet birds like parrots or cockatiels to enjoy a diet of seeds and nuts. In general, raw cashews are safe to feed your fine feathered friend. However, like with other pets, this should be done with caution and in low quantities. It is advised to avoid having your pet bird eat cashews, because of the high-fat content. Even though cashews have healthy fats that are great for humans, these fats are not very good for birds, cats, and dogs. For birds, approach feeding them cashews as a rare treat.

We here at Beyond understand the urge to indulge our pets and give them the best. When our pets seem so eager to savor the same yummy raw cashews we are enjoying – it is hard to say no. However, it is best to resist the temptation to allow your pets to eat cashews.
At the end of the day, it simply isn’t worth the potential risk or consequences cashews might have on your precious pet. If you have concerns about your pet eating raw cashews, please contact your local veterinarian for proper medical advice.

If you want to talk about cashews, we would be delighted to hear from you! Email us any time with your questions about our raw cashews, or about our commitment to delicious, locally sourced cashews!