Is It Safe to Buy Raw Cashews in Bulk?

Is It Safe to Buy Raw Cashews in Bulk?

You may have heard in passing that raw cashews are unsafe to eat without proper processing. While you can buy cashews that are safe to eat, you are relying on the seller to properly heat them and avoid these poisonous results. Because each cashew needs to be properly treated, some people are nervous to buy them in bulk in case any have been “missed” in the large quantities being processed. However, bulk cashews are just as safe as when you buy them in small amounts and buying in bulk comes with its own set of benefits!

The Safety of Eating Raw Cashews

There are many things about cashews that make them unique to other nuts- the primary one being that they are not actually nuts, but seeds. Cashews grow as seeds that hang off of cashew apples, a fruit found in subtropical climates. When growing on the apples, these seeds are surrounded by a two-layer shell that contains potentially toxic substances, similar to those that cause poison oak and poison ivy. Before they can be eaten, cashews are removed from this shell and heated to rid them of these substances.

Any cashews that you buy have been through this process- even if they are labeled “raw.” The term raw cashews refers to cashews that have been roasted enough to remove the dangerous substances and the shell from the seed, but not enough that the seed itself is roasted. When you buy roasted cashews, they have actually been cooked a second time with the purpose of enhancing flavor and texture.

No cashew from Beyond the Nut is truly raw- and because of the way this process works, the shell would remain on an untreated cashew. That means that you can identify a cashew that has been cooked because it is in the form you’re used to and you can eat it without removing the shell.

Benefits of Buying in Bulk

Now that you know it’s safe, there are a variety of reasons, you may choose to order cashews in bulk rather than continuing to buy smaller packages. With proper storage, cashews can be good for months, so if you eat enough of them, it can be a better financial option. But there are other benefits to buying bulk cashews you might not realize.

Buying in bulk is a more eco-friendly and sustainable option. By buying one large package, you are helping to cut down on packaging waste associated with multiple orders. Additionally, bulk products usually do not have the same fancy packaging that single-use items do, which tends to be more expensive and uses more materials. Additionally, the reduction in transport for a single order helps reduce the carbon footprint for shipping. Beyond the Nut customers benefit from our natural and local perspective, and buying bulk is a great way to enhance these values.

If you are planning to try a variety of recipes and ways of eating cashews, buying in bulk offers versatility that gives you that freedom. You’ll still have enough to snack on, while also being able to experiment with homemade cashew milk, cheese, and creams, or using cashews in a recipe. You’ll be amazed at the number of ways you can use cashews when you have them on hand. And because they’re healthy, you can use cashews as ingredients for desserts.

Tips for Buying in Bulk

If you are expecting bulk cashews, make sure you have airtight containers that you can use to preserve the nuts and keep them fresh longer. Simple Tupperware or jars will work, as long as it is airtight. Make sure these containers are stored in a cool, dry place.

As with any food purchase, bulk cashews are best bought from trustworthy and high-quality sellers. Beyond the Nut offers organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO raw cashews that were grown by farmers local to our Benin, West Africa location. Our small and personal approach ensures that each batch of bulk cashews is tended to, processed correctly, and shipped to you ready and safe to eat. Whether you choose to buy small amounts or bulk cashews, Beyond the Nut offers safe, fresh raw cashews that you will love.