Historical Uses for Cashews

Historical Uses for Cashews

Did you ever hear growing up, “You are what you eat,” and wonder what that meant? If the food we eat reflects who we are from the inside out, then what exactly are in these foods that we love and consume so regularly? Cashews have been a diet option for years and have been used for more than just cashew nut butter or cashew flour. With regular consumption, cashews can help treat metabolic syndrome, improve overall health, and better your life and the lives of others (seriously!).

For a long time, cashews have been used in various ways in an attempt to remedy problems and improve the wellbeing of many. Cashews have also been used to help treat skin problems. Many of us need regular moisturizing for our skin to remain soft and healthy, particularly after we apply sunscreen, makeup, and other cosmetics that can leave our skin dry. Did you know you can achieve healthy skin by utilizing cashew oil? When mixed properly with other oils, oil from cashews can improve the texture of your skin naturally. Investing in raw cashews in bulk could open up a whole new world of holistic remedies from the local farmer to your household. From crunching on whole cashews to blending for nut powders to breaking down for nut oils, there are many uses.

If you are looking to improve your skin routine or create an at-home spa, try a few concoctions carefully. Cashew nut oil needs to be mixed with coconut oil, olive oil, or rose water to avoid skin breakouts. Using cashew oil with one of these other trusted oils helps treat the skin naturally for moisture or wound healing. Investing in raw cashews in bulk could help increase your absorption of vitamin E and help keep your skin texture heathly and happy.

In addition to skin applications, cashews have been used historically in many advantageous ways, but their primary use has always been to improve the overall health of the consumer.

4 Ways to Boost Your Health with Cashews

Eating plant-based foods can reduce the risk of health problems and increase your absorption of important nutrients for your benefit. That being said, there are a number of vegan recipes to use with cashews. Whether you want to feel more confident in a swimsuit, be more energetic after work, maintain your weight year-round, or avoid the common cold or flu this year, there are some ways you can use cashews to help you. We want you to crush your goals and feel healthy and responsible while doing so. That being said, here are four ways that are historically proven uses for cashews to boost your health.

Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Do you have concerns about lowering your cholesterol? Are you curious about how to maintain a healthy LDL level? We need a diet low in saturated fat and foods that lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good/healthy cholesterol (HDL). Reducing the risk of heart disease can be as easy as eating just 1.5 ounces of cashews per day. Does that make you want to buy raw cashews in bulk yet?

Thrive in a Healthy Weight

You might find yourself looking to lose weight, gain some pounds or manage a healthy number for your body type. Depending where you are in your fitness goals, we want to support you. Beyond offers a variety of ways to consume cashews in a way that helps you be the best you.

Routinely eating cashews can help your body stay satisfied with healthy fats and protein to stay full longer and keep calories lower. If bulking is in your plans then grinding up cashews and adding to salads, sauces and smoothies can sneak extra healthy fats and calories into your diet from cashew nut powders. And for those of us happy to maintain a healthy weight then using fresh, wholesome, and fair trade products is what we are all about for you and your family.

Burn More Calories at Rest

If you eat as little as 16 cashews right now you’ll take in 5g of protein, 13g of healthy fat, and 160 calories. Eating cashews are lower in calories and higher in protein in comparison to other nuts and have a nutritional ratio that helps foster a balanced diet with other smart food choices. If we need to burn more calories with exercise than what we take in with food choices, then choosing healthy foods that nourish us for the energy we need is just as important. Fueling yourself with healthy fats and oils gives you the extra boost for playing at the pool, hiking a mountain, or taking a long bike ride with your friends and family this summer.

Improve Your Immune System

When you mind your health you mind your wealth. A common phrase we heard growing up and gaining value as we age. Did you know zinc is a nutrient our immune system depends on to fight off bad bacteria and viruses? Cashews contain zinc which means when you crunch into those healthy nuts you are taking in important nutrients. By eating one serving (1 oz) of cashews daily you increase your zinc intake by nearly 2mg!

Having a healthy meal plan takes planning and shopping. When you shop with Beyond you can order raw cashews in bulk and save time and optimize nutrition with honestly grown cashews. Beyond’s cashews are grown without exposure to any harmful toxins and processed locally to avoid traveling thousands of miles unnecessarily. All of our cashews are harvested from fair trade and with sustainable farming.